The Theory of Everything,
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The Theory of Everything, Solved book.The Theory of Everything, Solved was written to provide an alternate understanding of the inner workings of the atom. For many years, scientists have tried to unite the four fundamental forces - the strong and weak nuclear forces, gravity, and electromagnetism - without success. Many have tried uniting known theories, such as general relativity with quantum mechanics, string theory, and even the standard model. These theories differ in many ways, and it seems difficult, if not impossible, to find a single link to connect these theories together.

Many scientists believe that a single "theory of everything" must contain one or more of the present-day theories, or perhaps an equation. Albert Einstein spent the last years of his life searching without success for an equation that would unite the fundamental forces. With so many scientists working on many theories, perhaps they have overlooked the simple theories, the ones that do not require complex equations or have to unite one theory with another.